Jason & Cardi B Corona Cartoon

Artwork by Jason Mecier
Animation by Evan Henkel
Song by iMarkkeyz & Cardi B

Cardi B stimulates pop artist Jason Mecier during quarantine. “Now in this unknown time of Corona, she’s looking out for me and my loved ones, so reassuring, she makes me as happy as I can be under the circumstances” says Jason. “Once Cardi hit the scene, I’ve been addicted. I immediately started putting together my Cardi B trashpile-shrine, then I lovingly assembled what in my mind is some of Cardi B’s junk. I glued it all down, so that it looks like her!”. Mecier’s new masterpiece pays homage with sharp, corn-cob-fingernail humor, as well, he respects Cardi’s Bacardi-Pedialyte humanness. Shit’s getting real.